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At Siciliano Insurance & Financial Services, our focus is on Life Health Annuities & Pensions.

I started in the insurance business April 1, 1978 to October 31, 1989 as an agent for Mutual Of New York Life Insurance Company (known as MONY). Throughout my career with MONY, I became one of MONY’s top producers and was awarded numerous sales awards.

I have been a member of the National Association of Life Underwriters since 1978 and a member of the Million Dollar Round Table since 1979. The National Association of Life Underwriters is an association that monitors the industry products and the effects of current government rulings and the affects of the pending legislation, and how they will affect the purchase of insurance products.

The Million Dollar Round Table is an organization that recognizes professionals in the industry that have achieved a specific level of production. The Million Dollar Round table holds annual meetings for the purpose of providing workshops that assist insurance professionals in better understanding products that are available for the purpose of assisting individuals in estate planning, protection and other types of benefits under the present laws and pending legislation

I learned how life insurance, health insurance, and investments were designed and presented by the insurance industry. Through this education process it became evident to me that being a “captive agent” for MONY prevented me from providing other products from other insurance carriers. November 1, 1999, I terminated my employment with MONY and became an independent producer. As an independent producer I am able to represent numerous insurance companies that offer products that suit’s the needs of my clients. As an independent producer I am able to design specific types of coverage and investments by utilizing a variety of insurance companies who have a variety of products available to me.

As an independent producer I am able to explore a variety of insurance companies to assist those individuals who may have medical history that has or prevented one from obtaining coverage. I have been able to provide, and present and assist those individuals in exploring options available to them, that they might not have otherwise been aware of.

As an independent producer who is not obligated to any one specific insurance company’s production requirements and stringent rules, I have been able to assist individuals in better understanding how whole life, universal life, term life, group and individual health as well as group and individual disability products actually work. I have been able to educate the public, as I was educated in understanding how these plans are designed and how one can leverage and manipulate a product to better serve their needs.

I specialize in life insurance, health insurance, 401K, IRA’s, TSA’s and annuities .

I pride myself knowing for the past twenty (25) years that I have assisted many families, including small and large businesses, and corporations in better understanding the insurance industries products.

If you should have specific questions, or would like to discuss any particular subject, please E-mail me at Monysal@attbi.com, or at www.Moneysal.com or call my office at 847-304-7993, 800-311-8818.

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